Helen Kelly moved to Mercer Island in 2012 from the San Francisco Bay Area. She was born in Boston, MA and has lived in Germany and Switzerland (as a young child), Phoenix, San Diego, Japan, Los Angeles, and various locations in and near San Francisco. She went to undergrad at University of San Diego and graduate school at Thunderbird, which provides a Masters in International Business. A highlight of her education was a program called Semester at Sea in which students from all over the US live and study on a ship, while traveling to 10 countries throughout the world. She lived in Japan for 2 years after undergrad, studying Japanese and working at a local advertising agency and teaching English. She has worked in a variety of roles in sales, operations, logistics, program management, and webinar production. Past companies include SeaLand, Beyond.com, eframes.com, Intuit, Macromedia, and Adobe.  She is currently working full time on raising two kids, 14 year-old son and 8 year-old daughter. She has volunteered in various capacities with the schools and community. She enjoys: yoga (so much so that she’s currently signed up to do a teacher training for the 2017/18 year), exercising, traveling, hiking, tennis, reading (when there’s time), and hanging out with family and friends.