Rachael Nov is the Founder and CEO of two businesses, LaRee Boutique and Gin and the Banker where she drives the vision, team and retail strategy. Rachael has been in luxury retail for 20+ years and loves connecting with women through the art of style. Rachael’s passion for business and fashion was ignited by her grandma, Virginia (‘Gin’), who shared both a love of beauty and a strong work ethic as a successful business owner. Gin became a role model who taught Rachael that women can be uncompromisingly powerful and feminine. Rachael grew up in Kirkland and was competitive soccer player through high school. After graduation, she took a year off to travel to Sri Lanka before attending ASU to study business. After college, she began her retail career at Nordstrom before she was recruited to rebrand, execute all the buying, and run a boutique in downtown Kirkland where she revitalized the business. Rachael left to work at Barney’s New York which gave her a bigger platform to study all aspects of retail. After realizing there was an untapped market for emerging luxury designers, she launched LaRee in 2007 in downtown Bellevue where it’s thrived for nearly 13 years. Recognizing there was another opportunity to expand into unique fine designer jewelry and introduce emerging designers, she launched Gin and The Banker in December, 2018. Rachael lives with her husband, Dr. Dodi Nov, on Mercer Island with their 2 awesome sons and Border Terrier, Theo.