Aly hails from New Canaan, Connecticut.  She has lived in the Seattle area for 11 years in Belltown, Magnolia, and, most recently, on Mercer Island, where she strives for balance in the family/work/life trifecta with four children, a husband and small business.  After graduating from Dartmouth College as a Psychology major/French minor, she was an investment banker at JPMorgan in New York.  She then worked in various roles at the Estée Lauder Companies in New York, Washington DC and Seattle.  Over the last decade, she has built ARB Real Estate Services, a real estate investment and management business.  In her early years in Seattle, she volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, was a PEPS group leader, and sat on the Magnolia Cooperative Preschool board.  Alyson has served on the parent board of the Sunnybeam School on Mercer Island for 6 years and is beginning her 2nd year as President.  She also enjoys volunteering at Lakeridge Elementary, where she is serving consecutive terms on the Principal Advisory Council.   A couple of years ago, she turned her shower singing up a notch and found great joy when she joined the band, MIMX, as their female vocalist.  In her other free time, she enjoys any opportunity for a Bikram class, running, cooking, entertaining, shopping and music.