Membership to PYP Seattle is by member referral only.  If a current member has invited you to join and you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the following registration steps by Monday, May 2, 2022:

  1. Complete the online 2022 PYP Seattle New Member Application.
  2. Download and complete the 2022 New Member Registration Form.
  3. Send a copy (jpg or pdf) of your signed 2022 New Member Registration Form to or mail it with your check.  If your workplace or your spouse’s workplace matches funds, please let us know by checking the appropriate box on the registration form and we’ll follow up with you.
  4. Mail your check made out to Pitch Your Peers Seattle to the address on the 2022 New Member Registration Form. Minimum annual dues in the amount of $1,000 per member is required, however, members may choose to donate more than $1,000 in annual dues – donating generously to our local community through PYP ensures that your dollars will go to help local non-profits that have been vetted, researched, and collectively approved by our membership. Note that donation amounts will be kept anonymous and each member is only given one vote, regardless of the dues they pay.  In addition, we require members to contribute a donation of $250 annually to PYP Seattle to help cover our expenses.  All donation amounts (including the additional $250 contribution for expenses) can be combined and paid with one check made payable to Pitch Your Peers Seattle and are tax deductible (EIN 84-3341787).
  5. Submit your headshot by emailing a photo (jpg file) to  Your bio (from your application) and your headshot will be added to our online member directory that is included in the members-only section of our website.  Bios and headshots are a great way for us to get to know each other better!