In 2021, how many grants will be made and how big will the grants be?

We will give up to three grant awards per year.  Our total grant pool, made up of member donations, major gifts from individuals and family foundations (unless otherwise directed), and corporate matches, will be divided as follows: first place will receive 60% of the total grant pool, second place will receive 30%, and third place will receive 10%. So in 2021, we’re starting off with a total grant pool of $214,200 so PYP Seattle will award a first place grant of at least $128,520, a second place grant of at least $64,260, and a third place grant of at least $21,420.  Grant amounts over these minimums are entirely dependent on how much we can raise through corporate matching and other additional sources, such as donations from family foundations. 100% of your $1,000 (or more) grant contributions will go to fund our grants.

What’s the process for getting my nonprofit funded?

Members interested in pitching a nonprofit (i.e., becoming a “Grant Champion”) should fill out the PYP Grant Request Form and submit a copy to by 9am on September 10. 2021.  Up to four members can join together to pitch one nonprofit as a team. If more than three Grant Request Forms are submitted, members will vote to select which three charities they want to have pitched to them. If you are selected to be a Grant Champion, pitch your fellow members, plan two follow up events (both during the six-week discovery period, one virtual and one in-person) for members to learn more about your nonprofit, and follow up to gain support (i.e., votes!).

What does “pitching” entail?

Pitches will be made by our Grant Champions to fellow PYP members at our annual Pitch Night.  (If Pitch Night is virtual in 2021, Grant Champions will pre-record their pitches for viewing during the virtual Pitch Night). All pitches should be accompanied by a slide presentation, which will be displayed during your pitch. Your pitch should include details about the nonprofit, the problem the nonprofit seeks to solve, and the project, program, or effort for which you are seeking funding. You may display and/or hand out written and/or audio visual materials that you or the nonprofit have prepared.  All pitches should be no more than 15 minutes and will be followed by a 5-minute Q&A session. Representatives from the charity are not allowed to be present at the pitch, though they may help provide information, resources, or materials for you to use in your pitch or handout to members. The PYP Seattle Grants Chair will help you navigate this process with explicit instructions and periodic emails throughout the pitch process.  The PYP Seattle board will assist with your pitch preparation by providing feedback and advice on your slide presentation and we will host a practice session for all Grant Champions prior to Pitch Night. Finally, we have multiple years of recorded pitches and slides to assist in producing your pitch. These are available on the “For Member Only” section of the website. 

How long does it take to get funding for my project?

Grant Request Forms are submitted and presentations made approximately 5 weeks later at Pitch Night. Voting takes place online approximately 5 weeks after Pitch Night. The time between pitching and voting allows the pitching member to field follow-up questions, host follow-up sessions, etc. The winning nonprofit will receive their check approximately 2 weeks after voting.  The entire process lasts around 12 weeks.

What if I win?

Congratulations! Your nonprofit will receive the money you secured directly from PYP. There is a monitoring process over the course of the year to make sure that the money goes where it’s supposed to and is used as presented. There is also a final report to detail the grant’s success and document that all funds were used as anticipated.

Are there limitations on grants?
All grantees must have 501(c)3 status and grant awards must be used to directly support the local King County community.
How soon can I reapply?

Grand prize grant winners need to wait 2 grant cycles/years before reapplying.  If your grantee isn’t chosen to receive the grand prize grant, you can apply again in the next grant cycle.

Can PYP Seattle board members become Grant Champions?

Yes!  Our board has developed a policy about this to avoid any conflicts of interest and to ensure fairness and equity amongst Grant Champions. The policy is as follows:

If a Board Member becomes a Grant Champion (aka Board Member- Grant Champion “BMGC”) in any grant cycle she shall be removed from involvement in all administrative duties of that grant cycle.  Included in the administrative duties that will be removed from the BMGC are the following: 

  • Communication to the Grant Chair and to the membership regarding the grant cycle
  • Communication to Grant Champions regarding the grant cycle on behalf of PYP 
  • Knowledge of follow-up events before they are shared with group
  • Participation in Pitch practice nights and feedback
  • Voting process (no access to voting system or vote tallies until results are announced)
  • Winner phone calls and results announcement
  • Other duties as determined by remaining board members. 

The BMGC shall be allowed to participate in all aspects of Pitch Night itself (with the exception of access to the other Grant Champions’ presentation slides), including:

  • Agenda, flow and process
  • Tech logistics
  • Moderating

If the Grants Chair becomes a Grant Champion, either an interim Grants Chair will be appointed or Grants Chair duties will be assumed by remaining board members.   

The BMGC will not have access to the email account, which is a separate email account for all items related to pitches and voting. 

Can any of this change?

Yes. We’ve set up this process based on what we think will work best; but if something isn’t working in practice, we’ll address it.

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