Jessica was born in Bolivia and grew up in the Seattle area, graduating from Shorewood High School and the UW where she received a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. After college and a few eye-opening internships, she ran towards the tech industry and spent eleven years at Microsoft working in Denver, Sydney, and London before boomeranging back to the PNW. Jessica spent eight years as a consultant and Chief Operating Officer for a small consulting firm and another five years at Tableau Software. During the pandemic, she started her own leadership coaching and consulting practice and now runs women’s leadership programs. Jessica have a passion for supporting women in male-dominated industries (e.g., tech, manufacturing, and construction) having spent a good portion of her career being the only woman in the room. She wants to bridge the divide between women in technical roles and leadership positions. Jessica recently got back into volunteering for Ignite Worldwide and mentoring women through the Mom Project. She has two kids (Elly and Zack), a husband (Jay), and a cat (Bengie) who once wound up in Bellingham, but that’s a story for another day. She loves traveling, Lagree, decaf Americanos, podcasts, and recently became mildly obsessed with Stranger Things.