Ranga was born and raised in Zimbabwe and has fond memories of growing up in a community of mutual respect, love and collective welfare.  Ranga is a community builder and loves to connect with people of all backgrounds and cultures. Ranga believes that it is her calling to bring people together and share experiences, ideas and meals.  In 2021, Ranga co-founded the nonprofit Ubuntu Nerudo with her husband, Ken, as a tribute to their late daughter, Laura.  Ubuntu Nerudo’s mission recognizes the concept of “Ubuntu” – I am because we are – is what defines the African people’s strong sense of community and working together. Ubuntu Nerudo is a conduit through which people can come together and celebrate their unity in diversity so that communities are built and strengthened by showcasing how our different cultures intersect and are governed by the principles of Ubuntu. Ubuntu Nerudo aims to be a leading voice in advocating for the preservation of African culture and heritage by promoting storytelling and showcasing language, art and culture of people of African descent in the USA.  Ranga currently serves as Ubuntu Nerudo’s Chief Communications Officer.