Robin Waterman, a Chicagoland native, settled in the PNW in 1998. Mid-way through her undergraduate degree, Robin opted for a summer adventure working at Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful Inn. Following summer employment and an eventful national park escapade, she continued her wanderlust, joining new friends on a road trip through Montana and into the Canadian Rocky Mountains, eventually landing in the Seattle area. After establishing state residency, Robin matriculated to the University of Washington, earning a BS in Speech and Hearing Science and a Doctorate in Audiology (AuD). Following graduate school, she worked for Virginia Mason Medical Center and then Listen and Talk as a pediatric Audiologist diagnosing and treating young children with hearing loss. Her work experience includes leadership roles and departmental program design and development in a large hospital setting and a mid-sized non-profit. Recently, Robin has shifted her focus away from audiology to entrepreneurship to pursue a long-time dream of developing a kids and family technology product. Bootstrapping a start-up without a business background has challenged her resolve, but she remains committed to developing the prototype and bringing the product to market. Robin volunteers on her children’s elementary and 6-12 school boards as a trustee, most often in the development realm on committees and capital campaigns, but also for events and special projects. She and her husband, Charlie, have three children, Cole (7th), Grant (5th), and a Kindergartener, Cameron. Robin can typically be found volunteering at school, carpooling to baseball, basketball, swimming, music, and theater, or on the baseball bleachers, poolside at a swim meet, stage left at an art performance, or head down at the computer. Always up for a travel adventure, near or far, she enjoys exploring cities, beaches, or historic sites, sometimes skiing, hiking, biking, and boating alongside her husband and 3 boys. Her favorite pastime is spending quality time with family and friends.